Monday, July 7, 2014

Have I Been Away....?

Wow!  It's been forever since I've touched this blog with actual commentary.  Someone suggested that I get on here and write something up.  "Push publish", they said.  So here I am and I've done just that.  A few weeks ago Jim and I were able to attend 3 Hall & Oates shows.  We enjoyed ourselves so much!  The shows we were able to get to were Boston's BlueHills Bank Pavillion on June 12th, Wallingford, CT's Oakdale Theater on June 13th, and Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel & Casino on June 20th.  We enjoyed each show very much and got to spend time with some fellow fans!  Always a good time!

Boston was first up.  We arrived in town at about 6PM and secured a parking spot directly across from the venue.  So close we could hear soundcheck.  We heard the fellas playing "Crazy Eyes" and "Every Time You Go Away".  Kind of a neat little perk.  A quick dinner was had at Jerry Remy's bar about a block from the Pavillion.  Nothing too outstanding or memorable. After that it was off to wait in line to enter the huge white tent.

First stop, as always, MERCH!  And surprise there were 2 new items!  So exciting.  The first
item was an 11x18 poster featuring the "Live at The Apollo" show from 1985.  An unsigned version was offered for $10 and the signed (by both Daryl & John) version was available for
$20.  A great price in my opinion.  This poster would look great matted and framed!  Definitely running out of room on the walls here!  There was also a poster advertising John Oates new EP

"Good Road to Follow" (which is quite enjoyable I might add!).  This poster was of the same size as the Apollo poster and was also signed by John.  From what I understand John's posters have been available at his solo shows but they were new for the Hall & Oates shows.

The show itself was great.  The Boston crowd ate it all up...singing along and dancing.  I also saw at least 2 undergarments throw on stage in Daryl's direction.  Hadn't seen that in a while!  I enjoyed the setlist.  Although one I've heard many times I was glad to hear the relatively new addition of Alone Too Long.  What a great song!  It's a perfect change up.  This was also my first time seeing (and hearing) the band's brand spankin' new Lead Guitarist and Music Director, Shane Theriot.  Well, call me very impressed!  A well done and solid outing in my estimation.  Check out Shane's music here...I think you'll like it!!!

After our 105 minutes of bliss the show ended and we were off.  As we walked to the car we noticed the tour bus coming from the rear of the Pavillion.  I had heard from a little birdie that the "bosses" were on the bus tonight!  Sure enough I could see Daryl through the windsheild.  John was in the middle
of the bus and could barely be seen through the tinted glass.  Oh, and did I mention the guys had a police escort for the bus?!  Too funny!  It was nice to see so many fans along the sidewalk cheering for the fellas as they drove off.  The night ended but, fear not!!  We need some sleep because we've got a show in less than 24 hours!

Oh wait....what's that you say?  You want to see pictures of the show?!  Please forgive me, it just completely slipped my mind.  Just kidding!  I know you want them!  Here you go!

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