Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nile Rodgers...the Hall & Oates connection.

INXS, Daryl Hall, and Nile Rodgers during the recording of Original Sin.
Anytime I see Nile Rodgers performing on television, etc, this picture pops into my head.  Nile's Sunday night's appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards with Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk was no exception.  

This picture was taken in 1983 during the recording and production of INXS's Original Sin from their 1984 album titled "The Swing".  Nile was producing the album for INXS.  He had worked on producing and arranging the remix of the Hall & Oates' hit "Adult Education" earlier in 1983 and decided to call in Hall for some additional vocals on Original Sin.  Daryl and Michael Hutchence (pictured seated next to Daryl) supply the vocals for the chorus.  

As I mentioned above, this wasn't the first time Daryl had worked with Nile.  Rodger's had worked on the arrangement and production of the remix of "Adult Education" earlier in 1983.  Nile and Daryl would hook up once more in the eighties.  This time both Hall and Oates would be involved.  Daryl and John cut a cover of the Gamble & Huff classic, "Love Train" for the original motion picture soundtrack, "Earth Girls are Easy".  It just happens that Rodgers was the producer for the project! 

This wouldn't be the last time Daryl, John, and Niles would get together!  In December of 2003 they were each presented with New York Heroes awards by the New York Chapter of the Recording Academy.

Photo courtesy BMI.com
I urge you to check out Niles' recent work with Daft Punk.  It's got that just-right mix for R&B and Funk.  Here are a few vids to check out!