Thursday, March 20, 2014

Possession Obsession...Again.

Being a collector of all things Hall & Oates I continually add things to my collection.  Most of what I purchase is from Ebay.  But, I also frequent record resale shops, etc.  These acquisitions of both from Ebay.  The first item is a Bigger Than Both of Us Press Kit which I was stoked to find!  The second is a set of pictures with the negatives from the early 80's.  Love that yellow leather!!

Cover - Bigger Than Both of Us Press Kit

Press release and press photo.

Press photos.

And here are the pictures!  I think they speak for themselves!!

Thanks for reading this short entry.  I'll be back very soon and we'll start chatting about the upcoming Rock 'n Roll Soul Hall of Fame Induction ceremony.  My tickets have already arrived!

Do It For Love - K

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