Monday, July 14, 2014

Daryl & John Do It For Love in Atlantic City!

This was the final show for Jim and I on this tour.  Bittersweet for sure.  We drove down to Atlantic City the day before.  No incidents as far as traffic was concerned which is always a plus.  Upon arrival, first thing's first...check in.  It seems that everyone else in Atlantic City had the same idea!  Jim hopped in the huge line...luckily is moved quickly and we were off to our room.  We had a relaxing afternoon, a nice dinner, and a lovely stroll on the boardwalk.

The band hadn't made it to the hotel yet for good reason. They were thrilling the fans in Virginia at the Wolf Trap.  I knew they'd be driving up to A.C. after the show that night so we'd get to see the guys in the AM hopefully.  Sure enough we did see them throughout the day on Friday before the show.  I finally got the chance to meet Shane.  Super nice guy!  Shared a few H&O anecdotes with him that he found quite funny.  Great conversation with the guys throughout the next couple days.  I love those moments.

OK, time for the show!  Ascending the escalator to the Event Center we spotted some friends!  We chatted for a bit outside the concert space and took a few glances at merchandise...nothing new.  Rats!  We then headed in to find our seats.  Easy enough.  Jimmy then went to ask security about cameras, etc.  He's found through the years that this is the best way to handle things.  Talk to them, build a rapport...really, it works.  He has Borgata security friends!  Hilarious!  So, the word was cameras were OK as long as flash and video settings were not used.  And of course no pro-cameras allowed.  Easy peasy.  I noticed throughout the show that there was one guard that actually patrolled the aisles looking for video takers.  It seemed to be his only task.  Actually made sense to me as the guards in the front didn't have to leave their posts.  From a fan's viewpoint it was lousy....from a security standpoint it was smart.

As usual the show started with Maneater and Out of Touch.  Then all of a sudden I felt like I was in a dream!  Well, maybe it wasn't that dramatic.  I heard "Do It For Love" come out of Daryl's mouth and I was flabbergasted!  I looked at Jimmy and we both stood and cheered!  They played it perfectly...didn't miss a beat.  It was awesome!  To my surprise the next song was another semi-deep cut, "Did It In A Minute" followed by "Back Together Again".  I was a happy girl.  Whatever came next was icing on the cake!

The remainder of the set and the encores were standard...the hits.  The encores came and a number of folks rushed the stage.  Jim and I were stuck in the middle of a row.  Jim being Jim, he decided to move chairs out of the way and stack them on top on one another.  It worked.  Up we went! They finished off the show with "Private Eyes" and the crowd was more than satisfied!  After the cheering and clapping ended Jim snagged a setlist and off we went to the merch table to meet up with Eliot.  The lousy thing about the Borgata is that they try to move the crowd out right after the show ends.  So there isn't much time for chat, or pictures, buying tees or CDs, etc.  Eliot did have time to take some pics and sign CDs for some fans which I was happy about.  It had actually been 6 years since Eliot and I had taken a picture together...we had to have a new one for sure!

As the crowd was now descending into the casino via the escalator Jimmy spotted a celebrity!  It was none other than Philly native ?uestlove (Questlove).  Of course Jim had to get a pic so he ran over to him.  You could tell that he was trying to keep a love profile but was quite obliging and honored our request.  Very nice guy!  Glad we were able to meet him.  It was a great ending to a great show!