Friday, April 10, 2015

Step Into My Radio!

In the past few months I've been trying to fill some gaps in my collection related to various tours/albums.  One album happens to be the X-Static release of 1979.  I've uncovered quite a few promo and marketing materials.  

The band was out on the west coast and seemed to have taken part in some rather quirky marketing schemes.  And it's super clear that Daryl Hall & John Oates have a strange penchant for being placed inside large musical instruments, recording devices, etc.  (okay, okay, we all know that's not true!).  

Press Kit - Press Release

So check this out.  Someone had the idea of creating a large transistor radio where fans could enter and listen to the new X-Static album.  Personally, I think this is brilliant!  

Press photo.

 When you put the album and it's promotion together there really was a concise plan linking it all together.  Especially when you add the videos shot for 3 tracks which include, Wait For Me, Portable Radio, and Intravino.  

The props in the videos all link back to the transistor radio theme, hence X-Static...or, no static.  Afterall, static interrupts the flow of the music, it ruins the song you might be listening to.  

And if you were lucky enough, you may have received an invitation to attend a show at the Roxy featuring the new album.  The audio for the November 4th show is available out there in the bootleg trader's world.  This show was broadcast live on KLOS-FM in Los Angeles. Here's the setlist for that show:

Radio promo invite to the shows at The Roxy in L.A.

The Roxy - November 4, 1979

The Woman Comes and Goes
Don't Blame it on Love
Rich Girl
Do What You Want, Be What You Are
It's a Laugh
Sweet Soul Music
Band Intros
Serious Music
Wait For Me
Sara Smile 
She's Gone
Pleasure Beach
Be Bop Drop
Room To Breathe 

Fabulous, right?!?!  Now here are the 3 videos recorded for X-Static.  I had the chance to speak with Adam Friedman, the director, a while back.  He was 22 at the time.  The Portable Radio vid was actually an afterthought from John who asked him to record this one quickly.  There is also a video recording out there of The Woman Comes and Goes.  I have yet to locate it, but trust me I'm working on it!  Hope you enjoy the videos!

UPDATE:  Thanks to VEVO and poster Jay I've added the video for The Woman Comes and Goes!