Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nile Rodgers...the Hall & Oates connection.

INXS, Daryl Hall, and Nile Rodgers during the recording of Original Sin.
Anytime I see Nile Rodgers performing on television, etc, this picture pops into my head.  Nile's Sunday night's appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards with Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk was no exception.  

This picture was taken in 1983 during the recording and production of INXS's Original Sin from their 1984 album titled "The Swing".  Nile was producing the album for INXS.  He had worked on producing and arranging the remix of the Hall & Oates' hit "Adult Education" earlier in 1983 and decided to call in Hall for some additional vocals on Original Sin.  Daryl and Michael Hutchence (pictured seated next to Daryl) supply the vocals for the chorus.  

As I mentioned above, this wasn't the first time Daryl had worked with Nile.  Rodger's had worked on the arrangement and production of the remix of "Adult Education" earlier in 1983.  Nile and Daryl would hook up once more in the eighties.  This time both Hall and Oates would be involved.  Daryl and John cut a cover of the Gamble & Huff classic, "Love Train" for the original motion picture soundtrack, "Earth Girls are Easy".  It just happens that Rodgers was the producer for the project! 

This wouldn't be the last time Daryl, John, and Niles would get together!  In December of 2003 they were each presented with New York Heroes awards by the New York Chapter of the Recording Academy.

Photo courtesy BMI.com
I urge you to check out Niles' recent work with Daft Punk.  It's got that just-right mix for R&B and Funk.  Here are a few vids to check out!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Las Vegas Turnaround 2013 - Part 2!

OK...where'd we leave off??  Oh that's right...our lousy 80's party!  HA!  Fear not!  Our next day was truly one for the record books!  We started off with a delicious breakfast at Mr. Lucky's 24/7.  For what they are (a Rock n' Roll Denny's according to one waiter), the food was quite good!  Jimmy opted for a Bacon Waffle...wish I had thought to take a snap of it....the thing actually had chips of crunchy bacon IN IT!  IMO, you can't go wrong with bacon....EVER!  

Jim and Phil at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

Off we went to our bus!  This lovely bus would be taking us on our History Channel Tour of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop (Pawn Stars), Toy Shack (Pawn Stars), Ultimate Sports Cards & Memorabilia (Pawn Stars), Rick's Restorations (American Restoration), and Count's Kustoms (Counting Cars).  

We had an incredible day meeting all of these History Channel stars and getting to see where all the action takes place.  It was really a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  Special thanks to Phil Nichols and Susan Perrin of Right Track Booking Agency for organizing the event.

The D-Man.  Courtesy Vicky Sullivan.
And now...on to the show!  I always get this nervous butterflies-in-my-tummy feeling before every single Daryl & John concert.  I don't know if it's the excitement of being with all my friends or knowing that my idol is going to be singing my favorite songs only feet from me...after all the gigs I've seen, I still can't explain it.  It's an experience that just takes over every cell and seeps through every pore.  True elation!  

The set list was standard and to be expected for a casino show.  Daryl was dashing in his black western style shirt with white trim.  John looked fab in his button down shirt and jeans.  The band was at top form!  They sailed through hit after hit with ease!  This Las Vegas crowd ate it up!  They loved it, and the more love the crowd showed the more the band threw that love right back out there!  Amazing!  

As always, we were treated to two encores and then the party was over...but, was it?!?!  Oh no, the night was young.  We still had to DASH over to Vinyl Las Vegas (also in the Hard Rock Hotel) to see the one and only Eliot Lewis perform at 11:30 PM.  Seats secured, Jimmy ran up to our room to get our cameras which were not allowed into the Hall & Oates show.  

Eliot Lewis and John Oates performing "Save Me".
The place was packed at showtime!  Eliot took the stage and treated the crowd to his own tunes as well as covers of songs from some of the greatest musicians that have influenced his musical journey throughout the years.  Special guest appearances were made by John Oates, Klyde Jones and Porter Carroll Jr.  

Eliot Lewis performing at Vinyl - Las Vegas.

Lewis and Oates treated us to a new track,from John's latest solo venture (Good Road To Follow), called Save Me.  This was truly one of the best songs John has ever written!  Klyde Jones joined Eliot and they shared with us a song that both artists have sung lead vocals on in past incarnations of the Average White Band...Walk on By.  And later in the show Porter Carroll Jr. took us all to church with a super-soulful rendition of Sara Smile.  Dare I say I may have enjoyed this experience more than the Hall & Oates concert?!?!  Hmmm....almost!

Next up!  Night 2!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Las Vegas Turnaround 2013 - GOODIES EDITION

On every H&O trip we venture out on we inevitably come back with various Daryl & John (and band) related goodies!  Some we find by accident and some we go in search of!  Here's out haul from Las Vegas Turnaround 2013!  

H&O spread in HRH Magazine!

History Channel Tour laminates signed by the cast of American Restoration.

Signed CD's from Klyde Jones and Paul Pesco.

Paul Pesco Special Edition Guitar PickLace.

Night 1 Set List.

Night 2 Set List.

HRH Schedule w/ H&O Promo.

Eliot Lewis @ Vinyl Las Vegas Tickets.

Paul Pesco Special Series Chrome PickLace.

AMS Catalog signed by Paul Pesco & a Paul Pesco LFDH pick!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Las Vegas Turnaround 2013! PART 1

Just back from a fab 5 day jaunt to the lonely-land!  And it was a trip I will not soon forget!  We had a very busy 5 day / 4 night schedule.  Daryl Hall & John Oates, Eliot Lewis, and a History Channel bus tour just to name a few tidbits.  Here's the rundown...but first....a pic of the boss...

Caption not really required.

Nice, right?!?!
Jim and I headed out to our 6 AM flight bright an early on Thursday.  The plan was to arrive in Las Vegas at about 10 AM and be at the hotel and in our swimsuits by 11 AM.  Best laid plans and all that....We didn't end up with a room at the lovely Hard Rock Hotel until almost 4 PM!  Total bummer.  But they made up for it with an upgrade to a HRH Tower Suite!  It was one of the nicest rooms I have ever had the pleasure of staying in.  And probably the most comfortable hotel bed I have ever SLEPT in!  Great furniture, great bed, great bathroom, GREAT digi ipod dock and sound system!  2 thumbs up for that!

Pink Tortillas @ Pink Taco
I should also mention that we stopped in for a light lunch at the famed Pink Taco.  I will say that although I was impressed with the restaurant staff and decor I was not all that thrilled with the food.  We had the nachos and the steak fajitas.  Meh...that's all I'd give it.  I did REALLY like those pink tortilla chips though!  CUTE!

Next up was the screening of Eliot Lewis' performance and interview at the Gibson Showroom which had been recorded earlier that day.  The Ainsworth...a bar within the HRH casino agreed to put it up on a few of the big screens.  And like the geeks we are, we all screamed with glee when Eliot appeared on that 6-footer!  I will admit, it was very cool to see him up there!  We were happy and so was the bar as we guzzled away our jet lag.

Eliot Lewis on Fox's Gibson Showroom.
After the screening some of us headed for dinner and others to unwind a bit.  After all, we needed to be back at The Ainsworth for the High Voltage 80's Party @ 9:30 PM!  Oh....what a sad sad party it was.  I had arranged in advance to have a reserved table...it was more like a sofa with an ottoman scattered here and there.  We all felt very separated...at least I did.  It wasn't a good set up.  I had also been promised some Hall & Oates themed drinks for the group....big NOPE to that, too.  I was so upset and beginning to feel like the weekend was just going to go down hill from there.  The best part, however, was seeing everyone and getting together...that's always the best part!!  

Will the weekend be a bust??  Will Daryl wear the same clothes on both nights??  Will Eliot pack the house at Vinyl??  Stay tuned for Part 2 and maybe even a Part 3 tomorrow!!

Hall & Oates @ The Joint Promo Poster