Saturday, August 10, 2013

Las Vegas Turnaround 2013 - GOODIES EDITION

On every H&O trip we venture out on we inevitably come back with various Daryl & John (and band) related goodies!  Some we find by accident and some we go in search of!  Here's out haul from Las Vegas Turnaround 2013!  

H&O spread in HRH Magazine!

History Channel Tour laminates signed by the cast of American Restoration.

Signed CD's from Klyde Jones and Paul Pesco.

Paul Pesco Special Edition Guitar PickLace.

Night 1 Set List.

Night 2 Set List.

HRH Schedule w/ H&O Promo.

Eliot Lewis @ Vinyl Las Vegas Tickets.

Paul Pesco Special Series Chrome PickLace.

AMS Catalog signed by Paul Pesco & a Paul Pesco LFDH pick!

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