Wednesday, October 13, 2010

HALL-o-ween Is Around The Corner - PLAYLIST

Halloween is riding up our coattails!!  I drove by a house in my neighborhood earlier today and they had no less than 25 carved jack-o-lantern's on their porch....a little too much time on their hands but, hey, to each their own!  I prefer to celebrate Halloween, or, HALL-o-ween as I prefer to call it, with music.  There's nothing like a special spooky Hall & Oates playlist to get your blood boiling. 

Now you might say "Kerri, H&O don't have any Halloween songs!".  And I would respond by saying "Why yes they most certainly do!" 

Maneater - A grotesque theme with a focus cannibalism.

Do What You Want, Be What You Are - A timeless anthem for boys and ghouls alike!

Dance On Your Knees - ....when an axe murderer has chopped off your feet...

Crazy Eyes - In my punch bowl!

When The Morning Comes - You will have a belly ache from all this candy!

Running From Paradise - Because it's infested with zombies these days...

Screaming Through December - A frightful ballad to say the least.

Head Above Water - That is of course when we are done bobbing for apples.

I'm In Pieces - Another reference to the above mentioned axe murderer?...I'd say so!

Your Imagination - Seeing things again or was that a ghost floating down the hall?

Fall In Philadelphia - can be pretty frightening at any time of year...

No Brain No Pain - A traditional zombie folk song.

Better Watch Your Back - Good advice for All Hallows Eve.

So get these tracks together and burn 'em to a CD to get you in the mood for a Happy HALL-o-ween!!!!

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