Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daryl Hall Solo....Soon....

Sometimes a thought or idea for a blog article just hits me...from out of the blue.  For days now I've been trying to think up a clever way to segue into my reviews of the Hall & Oates shows last week in California.  To be honest, I've got nothing.  I mean, I know what I want to wonderful they were and how great it was to see fans from the west coast, etc etc.....but the delivery...that's what I am undecided on.

So I was reading one of my favorite publications a few moments ago (Goldmine for inquiring minds) and I decided that what I was really itching and longing to discuss is Daryl's upcoming solo album.  While there is still no solid information available out there right now regarding title, track list, special guest appearances...yada, yada, yada.  I simply cannot wait to hear this thing!  What we DO know is that it will be released in the first quarter of 2011 and that it will be on the Verve label.  Everything else is pure speculation.  And I say speculation is GOOD!!  It gets the blood pumping and the mind moving.  I mean, seriously, how awesome would it be to get a Daryl album picking up where Can't Stop Dreaming left off.  A full size serving of soulful, jazzy smoothness from the golden voice himself.  I swoon at the thought!  

It's been 15 years since Can't Stop Dreaming was released to Japanese audiences.  Hmmm...coincidence that H&O are headed to Japan in early 2011??  A lot has happened in Daryl's creative world since then.  And that's to be expected of course.  We'd be fools to think he was in the same creative place or working with the same producers and writers for that matter.  I can't help but thinking this album will take on a "rock-ier" feel given the direction of Live From Daryl's House and it's appeal to the younger crowd.  

And now to tie in one of my experiences from last weeks H&O shows in CA.  The set's from the first two shows included a song which is in my "Top 5" Hall & Oates tracks.  D & J cracked "Method of Modern Love" out of the cedar chest and played that sucker as if it were 1985.  Pure bliss ran through me and the track sounded better than ever!  You could see the elation on D's face.  I've always thought that "Method" was the quintessential Daryl song...even though it was written by he and Jana Allen...I think the thoughts and lyrics scream Daryl.  If someone were to ask me to name a song that defines Daryl and speaks to what he is's this one, hands down.  Now, if he'd only lose the guitar....


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