Thursday, September 2, 2010

H&O For A Hurricane!

Being that I live in Southeastern Massachusetts I am gearing up for this hurricane we have visiting tomorrow.  It's going to be a long 8-12 hour stretch while Earl kicks our butts!  So I'm getting ready with some Hall & Oates Music that will no doubt soothe anyone through any storm.

There are a few albums I would suggest polishing off for a good listen!  I think I'll start off with "Private Eyes".  It contains some very fitting song titles for the occasion.  Namely, Looking For A Good Sign, I Can't Go For That (No Can Do), Friday Let Me Down and Head Above Water.  This is totally a high energy album...perfect for listening while hauling in your boat or tying down your lawn furniture! 

The next one up on the list is "ooh yeah!".  Why are we listening to this, you ask?'s my favorite full H&O album and it always puts me in a super happy and upbeat mood!  It's the name of the blog after all!! 

As for later in the evening when the winds are really roaring outside and the rain is coming down in sheets and we lose power we'll turn it over to the solo vocal stylings of Daryl Hall.  I think the "Can't Stop Dreaming" album will fit in very nicely here...Cab Driver is the perfect track to listen to durning a rain storm in the dark.  It's so sultry and romantic...

Of course I have to have a H&O Hurricane Earl playlist on the iPod, too!!  Here's what I've rustled up!

Hurricane Earl H&O Playlist
Daryl & John - Ready to get wet!
Courtesy Hall & Oates Archives

Head Above Water
Running From Paradise
Heavy Rain
Open All Night
Storm Warning
Hold On To Yourself
Lady Rain
August Day
Friday Let Me Down 
Guessing Games
The Sky Is Falling
What's Gonna Happen To Us
When The Morning Comes
Pleasure Beach
Change of Season
Getaway Car
Right As Rain
At Tension
You're Much Too Soon
Intravino (I mean, come on, how else am I gonna get through this....I need a little vino!)
Say It Isn't So

I do hope that you take my advice and get your H&O music ready to go in case Earl is visiting your area.  And if not...hey, it's still a bunch of great music to rock out with on a Friday night!!

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