Friday, September 17, 2010

9 Day Countdown to Cali BEGINS!

Steve & Darren in front of Artisan.

I am officially on the 9 Day Countdown to my trip to CA for
the H&O west coast tour.  I am really starting to get excited now.  I've had so much going on at home that I haven't had too much time to think about it.  Realizing today that I am 9 days out has really made the buzzer go off in my head.  So YEA for that!!! 

Jimmy and I have pretty much decided on all of our of right now that is.  One stop on our agenda is a shop in Venice Beach called Artisan.  This particular outlet is ripe with the fruit of local Venice artists.  And by fruit I, of course, mean ART!!  Artisan is owned and operated by none other than Darren Hall and his business partner Steve Avila.  Their shop boasts a wide array of paintings, drawings, photography, jewelry and glass sculpture.  On select evenings you can even enjoy local musicians including the owners...after all, they are artist's too!

Artisan has a website which will be expanded in the coming months.  Visit to sample some of the gorgeous pieces that are currently available.  According to Darren Hall, the shop will soon be moving to a larger space that will include a coffee shop and cafe!  Hoping to catch one of Darren's gigs while we are in town...and at the very least I hope they are not moving while we are there.  Now check out Darren and this acoustic ditty!

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